Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday, Baby!!!!

One year ago today my precious little angel was born. It really does seem like it was yesterday, except for the fact that my life is so much more enriched than it was a year ago. I remember every minute of her birthday.... waking at 4:30 to drive to the hospital. We were in such amazing moods. God's most blessed moments will do that to ya. I remember listening to all of the doctors and nurses chatting and greeting each other. (It really was more like a party than a surgery) I didn't even realize that Dr. Richards and his son who assisted him (what a magical moment) had started my c-section. I asked the nurse if he has started and he said, "I'm standing right here, you can ask me." :) At that moment I heard my beautiful angel cry for the first time. That beautiful sound. That miraculous, life changing moment that only God could invent. Thank you God SO much for my precious babies. They brighten every moment of my life and have made me a better person. I am so in awe of the way that Mommyhood makes me feel, that I often fall to my knees to praise God for choosing lil ole me for the job.

Happy Birthday, Baby K. We love you SO much!

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