Sunday, March 14, 2010

"We adore chaos because we love to produce order."

Getting all of our closets organized and clutter free has been my main focus for the past month. My goal is to get rid of the non essentials, gets things in order, store as little as possible on the floor AND label as much as possible. I saw these "trash cans" at Ikea for $1.99 a piece and thought they would be the PERFECT way to achieve my goals. I decided to use chalk board labels I found at Big Lots so I can change them, whenever I need too. First stop, Baby K's closet. (Since she's only one, her closet hasn't had a chance to get too messy, yet.)

Ahhhhh, so much better!

Chalk Board labels ROCK!!

Just a side note: We keep the girls shoes in their bottom dresser drawer, which is THE best way to keep shoe clutter under control. (A fabulous tip I learned from my sister-in-law!) It's "Bugs" first stop when we get home and we ALWAYS know where her shoes are. These shoes are waiting for Baby's K's feet to get bigger. ;)

I did this to her closet over a month ago and it still looks this great. I love that the "cans" are opaque enough that I can tell there is something in them but it still camouflages the clutter.

Another FABULOUS organization tip for these "trash cans," from Jennifer at Minor Details."

Happy Organizing!


  1. OK, I am totally going to copy your IKEA trash cans for storage idea. And I love the chalkboard labels! How tall are those cans?
    (It's me, your old friend Vanessa, by the way:) )

  2. Hi Vanessa! They are 12 inches tall. Check this out too....
    I will be building a mini version for Baby K's closet to keep her princess supplies stored. FUN!

  3. I really need to tackle my closets, they are in rough shape. Love what you've done with yours.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog Tara! I love the trash can idea and I think I could make it work in my craft closet, great idea!

  5. what a good idea - you are so organized!

    Sausha @ {show & tell}