Monday, June 21, 2010

"Hello, again. Hello!"

Hey there Blog friends. The super crazy busy month of June is here and I have been running around like a chicken....
Anyway, my VERY creative friend Jennifer just started a blog and I realized when I became her VERY FIRST FOLLOWER, that I hadn't posted in awhile. (You will want to become her next followers, wait until you see what she can do with a cake!)
Here is a little photo wrap up of how I've been spending my month...

My beautiful and thoughtful husband took me out for our 5th wedding anniversary!

While the hubby was at school working on his MBA, Pepaw and the girls and I headed to a festival called, Taste of Addison.

Baby K learned how to say, "CHEESE!"

"Bug" had her very first, dentist appointment. She handled it like a champ and had no cavities!!

"Bug" had her first dance recital! She was amazing!! This was my first experience as "back stage mom." Being in charge of seven, 3 and 4 year old's that had to wait 2 hours for their first performance was interesting. Thankfully I brought, crayons and coloring pages, apples, crackers and fruit loops. In the future, I will bring the portable DVD player and a movie. The girls has a hard time being away from their mommy's that long and REALLY needed a distraction.

"Baby K" attended her very first, Sonic, Happy Hour. She LOVED the Cherry Limeade.

We took the girls to a Veteran's Memorial on Memorial Day. We want to make sure our girls know about all of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
We were surprised to find our friend Josh on the traveling wall. His beautiful daughter, Olivia was born just 2 months after he was killed.
We were so honored to be able to have our girls leave flowers and a flag in his honor. I was so touched in that moment, where my family was together and totally safe, that so many people were hurting and missing their loved ones. God bless our troops and the families who love and support them. Because of the brave men and women who are willing to be away from their families and the brave men and women, who are willing to let their soldiers be away from their families, we get to breath the fresh air of freedom. We are so blessed by America's heroes.

My hubby and I celebrated our birthday, which just happens to be on the same day. LOVE IT!! Did I mention his anniversary/birthday present to me, yet?

Oh, just a FABULOUS adult only trip to Playa Del Carmen...
Off we went and it was FABULOUS!!!

We went with our fun, friends The Whitley's!

Relaxed on our SWIM UP BAR PATIOS! Yes, I'm talking walk out of your suite, roll off of you patio and splash!!! you are in the pool. LOVE IT!!!

Shot a scene for the Bachelorette! We felt like we were on television. We had an anniversary dinner, right on the water. It was so amazing. If you are looking for a fabulous get away with your hubby, The El Dorado Seaside Suites is an amazing location. The service was top notch, the rooms were fabulous and the food was amazing!! (oh, and I love my babies with all of my heart but there were NO was WAY relaxing!)

2 days after we returned we hosted "Princess Kendallrella's 4th Birthday Beach Ball!" I'll post all the fun details for that bash, soon!

Last week, the light of my world, turned 4! (where does the time go??)

This past weekend, we celebrated Father's Day at a family reunion. Whew, its been a crazy month, but we had LOTS of fun. What have you been up too? ;)



  1. hee hee blog peer pressure!! wow! thanks for the shout out! lol. I'm sure I will be hitting you up for lots of blog-vice soon. :) you look really happy!

  2. Hey Girl -

    So great to see what you've been up to. You're not going to believe it but Jim and I have the same birthday too.

    Love the picture of Bug on the day of her recital, I've been the backstage mom for 3 years and I'm not giving it up! I love it. Though I can't believe you had to keep them occupied for 2 hours, they divide our dance school into 5 recitals over 2 days and none of them are longer than 90 minutes.