Tuesday, November 2, 2010


WOW, where did October go? Finally, today it was as fall-like as we have seen this season. (as I type this I realize we will be in shorts again in 2 days but I am for now, I'm living in the moment!!) I voted today and FINALLY got to wear my new boots!!!! Sqqquuuueeealllll with DELIGHT!!!! Aren't they THE cutest!!!! This season is all about tall boots with straight leg jeans, tucked in and a lil bit of the over-the-knee-socks peaking out of the top. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! (Hello, Target!! Thanks for helping me look trendy with your stinkin' cute over-the-knee socks!)

Halloween was a many week affair for us, starting with a totally 80's birthday party!
Like, OMG... am I the only one who grew up in the 80's that thinks its crazy that there was an 80's costume section at Party City? I so miss my crimping iron.... A bad hair day's best friend.

The girls went to a Monkey Themed birthday party at the Science Museum. Bug LOVED the dinosaur bones....Baby K loved the cake!

Halloween in our neighborhood is always an EVENT!! This year they had a trick-or-treat parade. Baby K stayed home with me to hand out candy and Bug and Daddy did their first parade. SO FUN!!

We are so excited that fall is here and we are ready for some cold weather fun! What are y'all up too?

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