Monday, January 10, 2011

Make Your Own Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Invitations

Hot Dog!!!! Plans for Baby K's Minne Mouse Birthday party are underway. As promised, I wanted to share with you how I transformed these bargain wedding invitations that I bought at MJ Designs for $14.99 (Gartner Studios Tall Fuscia Floral Invitation Kit SKU: 86191) into SUPER CUTE MINNIE BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITES!

I started with my Mickey Ear Paper Shaper!

I used it to punch out the flower!

Then I attached the black card stock included in the set!

Then OH TOODLES....I opened my brand new Silhouette and he cut out cute lil Minnie Bows on The Paper Studio's Hot Pink w/ Polka Dots Paper (item # 466268) from Hobby Lobby! Added some text and the bows and Meeska, Mooska MINNIE MOUSE!!!! We have SUPER CUTE MINNIE MOUSE INVITES!!
I'm even using the reply cards, included in the set, as THANK YOU's!!!

More fun times in Mommyland!!! I love it!! I'm thinking with the left overs, I might have to make some fun Valentines cards!! What have you been working on???


  1. I am planning a Minnie Mouse themed party for my daughter second birthday as well. I would loved to see pictures and hear ideas you did at the party. Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

  2. I love your invitation. I am planning my daughter's 2nd birthday. It's a Minnie Mouse themed party in zebra print and pink. I would also love to see pictures and hear your ideas.

  3. Did you use a medium or whale mouse stamp? I can only find the meduim in stock anywhere. Thanks!