Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The "Matchy-Matchy" Debate

This morning we were talking about Ashton Kutcher's interview in Harper's Bazaar magazine. He was advising that women never tell their man that he look's "cute" in an outfit and said that you shouldn't dress too "matchy-matchy." What's wrong with matching a little? Im not talking custom made shirts that match down to the buttons, but there have been many times when Kdub and I are getting dressed that we have coordinated. If I put on a blue dress, he will grab a blue striped shirt. I always appreciate that he takes the time to even notice what color that I'm WEARING and to take it a step further to match me..... I love it!!! The guys I work with were horrified that I would even mention it. They laughed out loud when I pulled out the above photo from our "matchy-matchy!!!!" Take that Mr. Kutcher!!!:) I guess they would REALLY freak out to know that we include our Bug in our color coordination, too. :)
Have a fabulous day!

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