Sunday, April 26, 2009

"I get no kick from champagne." - Frank Sinatra

I am totally NOT a wine drinker and I'm not really the "swanky" restaurant type of chick either but after having the soup at St. Martin's Wine Bistro, in Dallas. I HAD to tell y'all about it. I met my "fancy friends" for dinner last night. (I call them "fancy" because they LOVE to go to trendy wine bars and swirl the wine around in the glass to see if it has "fingers" ....the good news is, they can hold their own in a dive bar too!).I was expecting another swanky wine bar, where the hostess looks at you like there's something wrong with you because your not wearing the "right" thing. This place was VERY vintage and dark and cozy! It has creaky bar stools (which I love) and huge chandeliers on the ceiling. Kinda like a romantic version of grandma's house. Since my friends were all running late, (and I'm always 10 minutes early) the fancy door host guy suggested I sit at the bar and wait. I am SO glad that I did. Sonny, the bartender, kept me entertained talking about "my sign" and analyzing my personality based on the fact that I'm a Gemini. (He was truly shocked that I wasn't in to the whole astrology thing.) The waiter's were all very amusing and chatted with me when they stopped by to get another glass of wine for their customers.

(This is not an actual photo of the was WAY too good to stop and take a picture)

I was STARVING so I ordered the Champagne Brie soup... I figured it was their fancy way of saying cheese soup. All I can say is YUMMY!!! YUMMY!!!! YUMMY!!!! That soup was so good, I had to talk myself out of licking the bowl (somehow I don't think Sonny and his friends would have really minded.)

The dinner was pretty pricey but also really good, BUT NOTHING beats their SOUP. It was amazing, scrumptious, fantastic, delicious, fabulous, terrific, delectable, mouth-watering!!! . It is the kind of yummy that you crave and nothing in your own kitchen will make the craving go away.

My whole point was to make you hungry and tell you that the next time you are on Lower Greenville, take the time to stop in and at least have the Champagne Brie soup. You will be SO glad that you did! (If you stay for dinner request James as your waiter. HE is a character!)

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  1. Oh, we went to dinner there right after my husband proposed 13 years ago! ♥ I'm glad it's still there!!!