Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Welcome To The Jungle"

Kendall got to experience a Texas tradition for the first time this morning...Whataburger! They just built a brand new one in our town.
(It's right in front of our new 24 Hour Fitness... tee hee...... There's nothing worse than running your booty off on the treadmill and sweating it out in a spinning class, just to have to face the temptation of a Whataburger taquito!)

I know it sounds kind of silly to call it a "tradition" but if you grew up in Texas, you've eaten a Breakfast Taquito from Whataburger. I didn't realize that they weren't all over the country until I lived in Iowa and everyone looked at me like I was nuts when I suggested we go to Whataburger for taquitos. (it was "back in the day" and at around 2am.....if you grew up in Texas and ever drank beer you know EXACTLY what I mean!) Kendall was more than willing to pose with a Whatabuger cup and her taquito! Her favorite part was the music playing inside. That girl loves to dance! We tried to think of a way to get a taquito in to Baby K's bottle but decided we should wait on her full Whataburger experience for awhile.
I went to a great baby shower today for my friend Heather. (It was kind of nice not being the pregnant chick, for once!) Its the first baby shower I have been too for a boy in years and oddly enough, the next 2 that I have been invited too are also for boys.

Anyway, I love creative ideas and her shower was packed FULL of them. To follow her jungle nursery theme, the hostesses went all out. They had a cd of jungle sounds playing when we arrived and filled the living room with trees and stuffed jungle animals.....All gifts for the baby. My favorite was the little monkey's hanging in the trees.

Then they took animal print scrapbook paper and hung it over the photos on the mantle with a garland of Ben's nickname hanging below. Too cute and a super inexpensive idea. (I'm sure they plan to pass the paper on to Heather to use in her baby scrapbook.)

Check out about these FABULOUS party favors:
Little bags of popcorn, with a note attached that read:
Heather's little bundle of joy will be popping out soon!
Thank you for being part of her special day.
We are so glad you could stop by to play!
I'm thinking some blue popcorn from Popcorn Papa would be a really cute and yummy addition to that idea.
Speaking of Baby Shower Favors... The Tip Junkie (the goddess of blogging!!!) has tons of links for ya!

Have a great day!


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