Sunday, April 12, 2009

“Good friends are like stars.... You don't always see them, but you know they are always there”

There are times when the whole radio job thing seems like an eternity ago and then I get a sweet Facebook message like this and it reminds me how cool all my listener friends are....

Hi Tara - just wanted you to know that you totally made mornings in Dallas a blast! I was devastated when you just disappeared one morning - and, then I heard that your contract wasn't renewed. That was 99.5's loss - YOU were the morning show. So many women in their mid to late 30's (I'm 34) really identified with you - I in that I just recently got married for the first time and stayed single until I found the "one". Since getting married, I've moved to New Mexico - I miss Dallas but not the 99.5 of late. Just wanted to let you know that you brightened my mornings for almost 10 years - thanks! Crista B.

Wow, don't I feel special. Thanks, sister. She made me realize it might be time to get my head out of the clouds (ok, in my case the diapers) and reconnect with some listener friends. If you got my invite and you stopped by my blog thanks and WELCOME, y'all!!

Where to begin….where to begin… It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 9 months since I was waking up with y’all every morning. I would love to share some juicy, dramatic, soap opera kind of story about my exit from the Wolf, but there really is not one. Justin and I both, knew that it was coming, were prepared for the “we appreciate all that you have done for the radio station” speech and both knew feel that it was a blessing. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some adjustments but mentally and emotionally it’s all good. As the Poison song goes, “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” (there are actually 2 that come to mind in this situation. Perhaps someday, when I’m feeling REALLY REALLY sassy, I’ll blog about it.) Basically, the owners of the station wanted to save money and they thought Justin and I wouldn't be missed. (I don't know about y'all but I sure do miss hearing Justin's voice everyday. ;) What Brett Michaels fails to mention in his song is that every rose is also full of BIG, BEAUTIFUL, YUMMY smelling petal’s. I've gotten a chance to REALLY stop and smell roses and it’s been fabulous! That's pretty much what my blog is all about!

Ok, so the update. I was 3 months pregnant, when I last spoke to y’all on the air. Now my precious baby girl, Kinsley, is 11 weeks old. My pregnancy went great and I think that the second time has been lots of fun. I still think breastfeeding is THE most painful and difficult experience EVER. Don’t take my word for it. If you are expecting and plan on breastfeeding you have to try! I just happened to have tried both times and failed, BIG TIME!!! I decided not to beat myself up about it as much as I did the with Kendall. Not feeling like I was the worst mother ever, gave me much more time to enjoy the beginning of my second blessing of motherhood!

Kendall turns 3 in June and LOVES her little sister. She told me the other day that Baby Kinsley “came out of my belly so that she could cry some more.” (I’m laughing again just thinking about it.) The fact that Kendall loves having a little sister is one of THE biggest blessing’s of my life. I spent MANY late night hours worrying that having another baby would scar my precious Kendall, forever. Turns out she is an amazing big sister and wants to be about “Baby K” all the time. Kraig, my hottie husband is doing great and continues to be the best husband and daddy ever. Speaking of daddy’s, mine is also doing great. I think they were both a little shocked when we found out we were having another girl. Kraig asked the sonogram doctor to check again and my dad showed up at Christmas with Lincoln logs and trucks. They are both totally wrapped around some precious little girl fingers.

Justin and I chat often and he and his family are FABULOUS. He is VERY excited about his new radio project! Visit his website to read all about is and be sure to tune him in, next Sunday. Drop him a line too, I know he would love to hear from you!

If you don't already know yet, Cody and Dingo are back on the air too!! Cody is hosting the first every radio show for CMT!!! Brian Philips, the BRILLIANT man that launched The Wolf back in the day (and was responsible for hiring all of us to work there) is now the big man at CMT. He decided to give Cody and Dingo their own syndicated radio show. SO COOL!! Check it out at

Ok, so what have you been doing? Who has been inspiring you? When have you been sassy? Yes, wearing sassy shoes DOES count! Use the comment section so we can all get caught up! If you have a Blog or love someone else's blog, share it with me. There are SO many talented and smart people blogging about all sorts of cool stuff!! If you are new to blogging, just go to google and type your favorite subject matter followed by the word blog and you'll find someone who is talking about it. SO FUN!!!! If you want to follow what's going on here on my Sassy Inspirations blog, just click the follower button over there on the left!

Thanks for howling with us for all those years and NOW thanks for blogging with me!

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