Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Visit relatives often to show children the value of relationships."

The above quote is from Motivation For Moms . I am excited that I will able to follow today's mommy advice 100%! We are headed to Lubbock, this weekend, to see a tons of relatives. My sister in law Kim, her husband Keith and their 3 kids are coming to visit from Tennessee, we will get to spend time with MeMaw and Grandpa and see Auntie Traci, Uncle Kurtis and cousins Brittley and Karson. It will be Kim and Keith's first time to meet Baby K and since she LOVES to be held so much, she and they will be in heaven.

Looks like we will all be crashing at my brother-in-law and sister-in-laws house, which is plenty big BUT we are talking about 13 people (4 under the age of 6) all in one house for the weekend. Whew, I am sure it will be interesting. The good news about Baby K waking up for her 6am bottle is I can jump in the shower while there is still hot water. Of course, being the light sleeper that I am, the chances that I'll ever even fall asleep are slim to none.

The desire to get more sleep in my obsession. I keep planning on going to bed early only to find myself wanting to do some sort of "me time" activity, after I tend to all my mommy duties. When I finally do go to bed, I spend a good hour obsessing about something I needed to get done or ways I could have handled a mommy situation better from that day. I wonder if I will ever get to the point in mommyhood when I can look back on my day and say, "today I was the exact kind of mommy I wanted to be." Our bedtime issues with Bug, usually derail that in a flash.

Today was pretty close.

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