Friday, November 13, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like.....

Ive been doing a lil Christmas shopping and today I came across these lil beauties...........

STOP IT!!! I KNOW!!! How cute are these and what a wonderful gift this will make for all the Red Raiders in my life. Ok, so you either gettin' your guns up OR your wondering if the creator of these precious recipe cards thought of any other university. YES, but because I love my hubby so much, Ill just post the link to Whitney Owen Designs and let you check em out for yourselves. I bought the cutest stationary from Whitney's collection, the last time I was in Lubbock! Check out Whitney's Blog too...she makes some of THE most beautiful and creative invitations, I have ever seen. WOW!!

Last night I went to a holiday open house and bought Baby K her first Tutu!!!

As you can tell she LOVES it!!

I also got her 2 of these ADORABLE!!! PRECIOUS!! bibs!!!

A lil visit to Jen's site and I learned that she is a stay-at-home mommy to 3 little girls. LOVE THAT! Let me tell you why I love her bibs, first they are so stinkin' cute and original I almost want to wear them myself. Hello, the whole teething slobering, drooling scene just got MUCH cuter in our world. They are VERY WELL made and she uses a snap closure instead of velcro!!!!! As soon as I get a photo of my lil angel wearing one of her new bibs, I'll get it posted.
Just go ahead and get ready, if anyone gets knocked up soon, there will be a few of these precious bibs in your gift from me!

Check out this SUPER CUTE pilowcase from Custom Designs My Mimi.

I met her last night too. She's super sweet and has over 600 fabrics to choose from. I cannot wait to see the pillowcases she creates for my lil angels.

Happy shopping, yall!!!

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  1. Tara! This is Whitney Owen! Thank you so much for making this comment about my recipe cards. I just think that is too cool!!!! I was doing some research on Dr. Seuss bridal showers because I had a request to create custom recipe cards for gifts. I heard of baby showers in that theme just not bridal showers, but the recipe cards would be all too cute to work with. Anyway!!! I was seeing if there were any recipe cards ever done etc etc and long behold my Raider cards popped up. Haha! I was like "wait...those look like mine. wait those are mine!" So I followed the link naturally! And, found you! Completely and totally awesome! Cute blog you got here. I am currently working on a new one that meshes my photography and designs into one because keeping up with two is very difficult. I will follow you and let you know when I get all the changes complete and ready to view. If you haven't checked out my website, it is Thanks and have a blessed week!!!