Monday, December 7, 2009

"A child is a precious gift from God and baptism is God's gift wrapping."

Yesterday, was Baby K's baptism! It was such a joyous event and she did such a fabulous job. As soon as daddy passed her to Dr. Oliphint, she gave him a huge grin. The entire congregation giggled when he showed her the water because it looked like she was ready to jump right in to the baptismal font. (I just learned that is what they call the bowl that holds the water.) Bug did a fabulous job too....except for the part where she tried to pull my skirt up in front of the entire church. (thank God for fast mommy hands) I am so grateful that Dr. Oliphint performed both of our daughters baptisms and our wedding ceremony. Seeing him hold our baby, moved me so much...he is such an inspiring man of God. I am thankful that God blessed us with such an fabulous preacher and am VERY thankful for my beautiful family!


  1. Tara--

    Ran across your old Scoop blog from your Wolf days and found my way here. Congratulations on your beautiful children!

    I always wondered what happened to you and Justin, you just sort of vanished off the Wolf. We pretty much stopped listening around the same time as the quality of the show really seemed to have dropped.

    Anyway, hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and thanks for all the morning radio memories. :)

  2. Your baby is like an angel! She's soooooooo cute!!!