Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

There has been much discussion about this year's Christmas tree. Having a VERY curious 10 month old in the house and a real tree covered in decorations is a scary endeavor. We had pretty much agreed on a smaller tree placed high on the buffet in our entryway. THANKFULLY my hubby came to me with that lil boy that loves Christmas look on his face and said, "honey, I really think we should get a real tree. We can just put baby gates around it and all will be fine." I was VERY afraid that this was going to turn into an unattractive mess that would ultimately ruin the Christmas tree view, BUT there is no way I was going to disagree with a yummy smelling full sized tree.
Fast forward to this evening. We did get a smaller tree than usual and while I put the girls to bed, he took care of putting up and "baby proofing" the tree.

Yes, I am still laughing!!!!! I am sure "Bug" and I will can come up with a creative way to decorate our new "tree gate." (Perhaps this will become a new Christmas tradition at our house!) I am so loving my husband right now. He is THE sweetest man alive!!!!

Here are some other Christmas idea's I am LOVING....

3 WREATHS!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Using SUGAR as snow!!! How cute is that AND I even have those exact same jars from World Market. Cute and I know "Bug" will love helping me pour the sugar! FUN!!

Subtle and fun! This is the PERFECT display for the bar in our family room!

Bug and I will be getting started on THIS as soon as we get the tree decorated.

Aren't these lil trees ADORABLE????

I love decorating for Christmas!!!

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