Monday, January 18, 2010

A Purplicious Bedroom for our Purple Lovin' Princess!!

"Bug" asked us this week if we can paint her bedroom purple. Purple and pink just happen to be her favorite colors.... if you meet her she will ask you what your favorite color is and then tell you, "I like all colors, but pink and purple are my favorite." We have decided that for her 4th birthday (in June) we will paint her room purple. That has lead to lots of discussion about the shade of purple we will go with. SO, it's time for some PURPLE research!!!! Here is some inspiration to get me started.
WOW, what a wedding dress!!

This purple is Behr, Soft Heather, 680F-4

This room gets my vote for THE cutest little girls room EVER!!! My favorite part is the sweet lil hook with tennis shoes hanging on it. So clever!

I'm sure we will find the perfect shade to make our lil purple princess smile.

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  1. Nice finds..Post some pics when you get started with it..I,m thinking of renewing mine in purple as well..