Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Queen of Before and After...My new favorite blog!

I stumbled upon a super cool remodeling blog called Starter Home To Dream Home and I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE Mikael's amazing talent. She is THE QUEEN OF BEFORE AND AFTER photos!!!!! She designed the most amazing and beautiful fireplace EVER......
I almost woke the husband up when I saw the shelves she has hanging to the left of her fireplace. I have been so wanting that exact same look in my kitchen dining area. I bought the shelves from Ikea 2 months ago but could not figure out how high to hang them. They have been leaning in the corner of my room for WAY too long. I sent an e-mail to Mikael and she was kind enough to send me the measurements. WOW, I love the Queen of Before and After photos!!!! Thanks to her photo, I'll be able to show the hubby what I've been talking about. (He keeps asking me why I want those long shelves in our kitchen!) I am so giddy. Thanks Mikael!! I'll post a photo as soon as my shelves are up.

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