Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up.

I jump started my spring cleaning and am continuing my (never ending) journey to get ORGANIZED!!!

I'm not the only one that recycles gift bags, right? I've been cramming them into a box, under a guest bed, for awhile and decided I wanted a better place to store them. I headed to Home Depot and found a "Giant Storage Hanger" in the "garage organization" section for $2.98. Bought some of E-Z Anchor screws....and baam!! Now all those gift bags are hanging in my guest bedroom closet, where I can see what I have AND I have extra storage space under my guest bed.

Ok, I know. Its not very exciting. What is exciting is that we have had SUNSHINE and warm weather this week. I went strolling in one of my favorite downtown shopping area's and took some decoration, inspiration photos....

This hand painted photo says, He gives us wings so we can fly!" Isn't it precious?

The same store had lots of these chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. She spray painted old light fixtures and hung BIG Christmas balls and beads on them CUTE!

I love this idea for a nursery. They hung a lamp shade from one of those hanging light kits and then put a vintage looking dress on top. So cute.

They used a basic hook to hang it from the wall. How cute would this be with one of those decorative shelf brackets they sell at Hobby Lobby?

Ok, back to organizing. I've been busy this week getting our outgrown baby clothing and toys ready for DIVINE CONSIGN!!! Its a fabulous event that 2 great ladies host twice a year, here in Plano, Texas. I hope you have one of these events where you live. Its a fun way to make some money and help other mom's. This sale has gotten so big, they actually have to limit the amount of items that is consigned each season...to 70,0000. Tomorrow, I'll be waiting in line with my 2 favorite DC friends, so we can shop, shop shop!! Fun!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great idea on the hanger for the gift bags! I'm think I'm gonna head on over to home depot (my bags are in a box in my closet - haha). Thanks for such a great idea and hope you have loads of fun:)