Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"

It it 38 degrees here today and we are all a little bit chilly. Brrrrrrr. Some of us are looking for a place to curl up and stay warm.... (I love how his brother is waiting for that warm spot, too.) And other's of us are putting on our spring accessories and patiently waiting for it to be warm enough to go out and celebrate...
"Bug" is VERY ready for flip-flop and Crocs weather...
Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow... which I am sure we will greet with open snow angel arms, but any time spring is ready to come to visit. We are ready!!!

By the way.. look who made his move, while I was typing. LOL



  1. Hey - we've got one of those cats too!!!

    Not the best picture of our guy, but I tell you - same cat!!!

    Such cuties!

  2. ALL those critters running around your house are darling! I am very partial to the little spring body suit complete with flip-flops on the bouncy critter. She is adorable!