Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"I always thought a yard was three feet, then I started mowing the lawn!"

Sorry for the lack of posts, lately. I have been doing TONS of spring cleaning and that's just too exciting to share with my blog friends. -wink-

"We" have been doing lots of work in our yard. Translation, I wanted a bunch of bushes removed from our crazy landscape and hottie hubby, did the leg work. The great news about that is that means he's been running around without his shirt one. Woo Hoo!!! That's always a good thing!

Here are daddy's lil garden helpers. (I love that "Bug" had to put on her "garden boots" to work in the yard. Taylor Swift would be so proud of her dress and cowboy boot look!)

I think "Baby K" nibbled on every garden tool!

Ok, before and after time. It's so funny how you will live with something for years and then have one of those moments when you realize. That would look so much better gone. Case in point, these 2 HUGE purple bushes that have been "hiding" our front door. (I forgot to take a 2 bush "before" but you get the picture, right?)

WOW, what a difference! Now you can see my front door that REALLY needs to be painted. The nice family that we bought our house from had a professional landscaper plant the entire front yard BUT the wife didn't like it. So her hubby pulled it all out and started over. (Can you imagine having a hubby THAT patient?) Anyway, there are three layers of all sorts of plants and bushes in front of our house. WAY too busy for us, so we plan to pull it all back to about a layer and 1/2.

I have been finding LOTS of inspiring garden ideas, that I hope to add to our landscape...

Like Bobbypins boardwalk's, monogrammed milk can. TOO CUTE!!

And Generally Creative's Chalk Pots.

How about EVERY little detail that Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures added to her patio!

I'll post more before and afters, as we make things happen. I do look forward to showing you the "after" for my Craigslist chairs. That are going to look so wonderful in our new, LESS BUSY , front yard.


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  1. So happy to hear an update from you!

    We've been doing landscaping stuff too - the nasty shrubs in front of our house were destroyed in the snow this year so we just had the pulled out.

    But we have NO idea what we are doing to now that everything is out - I'll be sure to watch your blog for inspiration so get to posting girl!