Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My sister-in-law's "If I were a blogger," Mother's Day post!

My sister in law is one of the fabulous "gift's with purchase" that I received, when I married my hottie hubby!! She is beautiful, smart, faithful, has an AMAZING singing voice is funny and one of the best listeners I have ever met. I got this e-mail from her today and thought I would share it with my fellow mommy bloggers!! (hopefully someday she will start her own blog..hint! hint!)

If I were a "blogger" this would be today's entry:

Last night during dinner, "E" begins to complain about stomach pain. After much coughing and carrying on at the table and in the bathroom, he finally felt better after a good vomit which after coming back to the dinner table, proceeds to tell us all about it. We instructed him to stop with the details and clean up after himself, which I am sure he thought he did to the best of his ability...I made a mental note to double check his work, but forgot. Big mistake. (Anyone have a pen and a sticky note?)

After I got the kids off to school this morning, I went in to said bathroom only to be blown away by the aroma of broccoli and stomach gunk. All under the lid of the toilet, the wall and the shower curtain. Seriously? He thought he got it all?

After cleaning up that mess, I found that Hershey (her dog) had been chewing on the pen I had just used to sign Mother's Day cards for my mom. I'm sure he enjoyed himself, and promptly threw it all up. I guess I am thankful he didn't chew the cards?! Honestly, I wanted to open the door and let him loose but quickly remembered we had him micro-chipped so he would make it back eventually. How weird he would chew up the pen I had used to say how much I appreciated and loved my mom for all she has done for me. Dumb dog.

"E" said this morning he wanted another dog. I looked at him as if he had gone mad. "Another dog?" I said. "It's like having another kid in the house, I would rather have another kid than another dog." (Keep in mind this is an equal opportunity dog, but guess who has the most opportunity?)

I do LOVE these boys and like the dog, and know this is just one of the many joys of being a mom. There are so many awesome things that outweigh cleaning up gunk. I am blessed to have them in my life and wouldn't have it any other way, maybe not the dog.

So to moms everywhere, Happy Mother's Day, and hopefully your husband will clean up any "spills"...that is if they happen on Sunday.



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