Monday, May 3, 2010

Tis the Season of Party Planning

I attend and host an INSANE amount of parties in the months of May, June and July. I have come across SO many FABULOUS party and gift ideas today. Here is a little sample of the fun...

Lulu and Junebugs Hair Bow Bouquets WOW, I thought using hair bows to decorate wrapped packages was a good idea but AS THE GIFT!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Mommy Topic's CANDY CAKE!!! The hubby LOVES M&M's and since we have the same birthday, I'm sure I will get at least one slice. YUMMMMMYYYYY!!!

Mommy Topics Customized Party Plate Tutorial!! STOP IT!!! The possibilities are ENDLESS!!! These would even make a great hostess gift, right? LOVE IT!!

Ok, Ill admit it. I have a new "blog crush!" Do you blame me? After reading Rachymommy's "About" I've decided that she needs to be my next door neighbor. What a neat lady with FABULOUS ideas and anyone who loves 80's movies as much as I do MUST be cool!



  1. We're one of those families having a party in June! (Actually my daughter's birthday is in July, but we celebrate the last weekend in June since everyone is traveling in July...)

    Anyway - she HATES cake. Some days I can't believe she is related to me.... but I love that M&M cake, that is so cute. If you've got any other "cake alternative ideas" - I'm all ears!

    Hope all is well in Texas!


  2. Hi Maggie!
    I found this fabulous tutorial for those edible fruit arrangements. Hopefully she likes fruit. If so, this would be a great possibility!