Monday, October 4, 2010

"The best vitamin for making friends: B1”

I'm having a lil trouble falling asleep asleep, so I picked up the old computer and started reading my favorite blogs. (one of the number one things they tell you in insomnia class NOT to do...the computer stimulates your brain...blah...blah)
Anyway, I came across a REALLY beautiful, colorful and happy blog called Whatever. Meg is a photographer and a mommy and really fun to read. I'm totally in love with her post about vitamins!! After visiting Africa, she learned of the need for vitamins for the children living there. We are so going to help! Tomorrow I will be taking 'Bug" to the store to buy some vitamins to send to Meg and her friends in Africa.
Vitamins are a REALLY big deal at our house. She reminds me every morning to give her a vitamin. She never forgets and she loves to talk about how healthy the vitamins help her feel. It's one of our daily moments that I live for and cherish, SO much. She is going to LOVE picking and sending vitamins to other children so that they can be healthy. Meg's moment will forever shape our moment because now when we taking our vitamins, we can talk about our faraway friends taking their vitamins. A lesson in giving that will last a lifetime...every time we take our vitamins.

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