Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Alarm Clock!

This morning I was late for work. Ugh, at some point in the night our power went out and my alarm clock's backup battery didn't back me up! All I saw was flashing numbers.
I walked around all morning feeling like I had a huge LOSER sign flashing above my head. That experience made me decide it's time for a new alarm clock. As I went to throw my old one away I realized that I had that alarm clock, longer than I had known my husband. Of course, I had one of those cheesy reflective moments. That alarm clock had woken me for every day that I had known the love of my life. It got me ready on time for all of our dates. It got me to the airport on time for our trip to the beach...where we got engaged. It woke me up the day that I became his wife. It was the clock that I looked at the morning that I went into labor and our baby was born. Me and my little "fake wood finish" alarm clock had "history." How could I throw it away?

I stood in our bedroom, a little teary eyed, and realized that the great memories weren't really tied to the clock, they were tied to my heart. I said "thanks for the memories" and goodbye to my little alarm clock. As I dosed off, I started dreaming of my family and all the moments we will have in the future. Thanks to my new alarm clock, I won't miss a thing.

Have a blessed day!

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