Monday, January 14, 2008

Today we CAN celebrate!

Yes, I know, The Cowboys lost. I agree, the loss is a bug bummer BUT I have an idea to take away the sting of defeat.
Why do we love it when the Cowboys are winning?? It's fun! To me best part about seeing The Cowboys do well, is how excited they get after each good play. They jump up and down, high five each other, do that thing where they run at each other full force and bump backs. The same thing is happening in living rooms all over Texas. It's the only time is acceptable to spill an entire bowl of chips or knock over a full beer without anyone getting upset.
It's the celebrating we all love! Why do we have to wait until next football season? Celebrate at home and in the office down the hall and high five somebody when you successfully send a fax! "Back bump" your honey the next time he cooks up one of his fabulous steaks on the grill! Pick up your lil one and twirl her around the room when she puts the correct puzzle piece in it's place!
CELEBRATE!!!! Celebrate the small stuff, like it's a touchdown at The Superbowl!
Here's a high five and a "back bump" from me to you.
Have a fabulous day, y'all.
God bless,

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