Monday, August 31, 2009

"Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow!"

This evening there was a knock on the door from my neighbor asking if we were planning on coming outside to play. It was GORGEOUS outside. Finally cool enough that we could get out and play without worrying about the heat. FALL IS COMING!!! I love Summer but there is that certain point where its time to bid farewell to hot day after hot day after hot day and get outside and enjoy ourselves again. We joined our favorite neighbors and their kids and played for a good 2 hours. Wow, was it nice.

I guess it has actually been a little cooler for the past couple of days. I was just too wrapped up in my lost kitty saga to enjoy it. My sweet little Koal cat, that we adopted about 7 years ago, is always trying to get outside. He is an inside cat and doesn't have the first clue how to survive on the outside. Friday night he got out and was missing until Saturday night. That is just way too long for me. I walked the entire neighborhood, crying like a small child. He was my first "baby" and I just couldn't imagine not having him around. My husband and I adopted him when we were dating and he has been with us through all of our BIG moments.

He was there when we moved in to our first apartment, (always sitting in the window to greet daddy when he got home from work.) There when we celebrated our first holidays together. There when we got engaged. There when we got married. (I actually had to drive home to check on him before we left for our honeymoon.) He has slept in his cat bed next to me every night since we got him. (except for the first few nights after we brought his brother home...there were a few days of adjustment.) He was here when we brought home both of our babies. He is a special cat. His soft nature around my children is amazing. He just seems to know his limits and never crosses them. He is patient when the baby reaches a little too hard or when "Bug" plays a little too rough. He seems to know when I'm having a bad day and will give me the little, I love ya nudge.

Anyway, to some people it will seem trivial to get all worked up about a cat. I am thankful that he is back and was blown away at "Bugs" reaction to his return. She kissed on him and told him she was worried and missed him. WOW, she has learned to value the life of our precious pet. A lesson I wasn't even making a conscious effort to teach her. Once again, my precious little cat is here for another one of our BIG moments.

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