Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"Bug" chose our costumes this year...Ariel, King Triton, Snow White and Tinkerbell

Halloween was lots of fun this year!! We did a pot luck thing that ended up really fun. I decorated our garage by hanging orange and black table cloths from the ceiling. (mainly to "hide" all of the tools etc.) I hung 2 orange tablecloths next to one another and taped on black triangles and a mouth for a huge wall sized jack-o-lantern. (I cannot believe I didn't take any photos.) We made chili, the neighbors made corn bread muffins, queso dip, nine layer dip a fruit tray and a salad.

Some fun foods for your Halloween Menu:

Family Fun's, Mummy Fingers

Hot Dog Mummies

Next year I think we will set it all up in the front yard cause I missed most of the trick-or-treaters. Boo.

The week before we went to EK's 3rd birthday party.

We love that she has an October birthday because it's a great reason to wear our costumes!! The party was a blast and there was even a candy hunt. (basically an Easter egg hunt with candy) Little Red Riding Hood's Mommy gave everyone a bucket with their name on it and sent the girls to the front yard for candy. THEY LOVED It!!!

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