Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Football Field Halloween Costume

The week before Halloween we were invited to an adult Halloween party. The hubby doesn't get really fired up about costumes so I had to come up with an idea that wasn't too complex. (that would explain the VERY homemade looking King Triton above.)

A couple of years ago I dressed up like a golf course for Halloween. I bought astroturf from Lowes (they sell it in the carpet section) and cut it in a long strip with a hole for my head. I glued some sand paper on as the "sand trap" and glued on some plastic golf balls. For my hat I glued a toy putting hole on a headband with the flag sticking out from the top. I carried the toy golf bag and clubs along for effect. (I so wish I had a photo, it was a cute idea.)

This year I decided to dress like a football field. A great idea because we both love college football and there are so many easy ways the hubby can match...ref, football player, coach, fan. I think this might be fun to do in the future and have the girls dress up like cheerleaders.

I originally cut a "dress" out of more astroturf from Lowe's but it was shedding all over the place and I didn't want to leave a trail everywhere I went. (not a good idea with a crawling baby in the house.)

I saw these really cool tablecloths that look like grass at Party City and thought it would be perfect and much cheaper. I cut a "dress" out of the table cloth and used white duct tape to make the yard lines. (They sell it at Lowe's) Stuck on pre-cut numbers and red letters to put Texas Tech and Red Raiders in the end zones. (MJ Designs)
I originally tried zip ties to hold the dress sides together but the tablecloth kept tearing, so I had the hubby just run big pieces of white duct tape up the sides. He basically taped the dress on me.

To make the goal post crown, I flipped a foam visor (also from MJ Designs) over and cut it into the shape of a goal post. The green socks and the hubby's ref shirt are from Dick's Sporting Goods The green wrist sweat bands are from Hot Topic.


My friend that is dressed like a Bee needed a costume idea for her husband. I suggested he be a bee keeper. He found the hat on a bee keeper website and had Bee Keeper and his name embroidered on his shirt. Super cute couple costume idea.

Happy Halloween!

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