Thursday, February 4, 2010

The "Kids Pants Hanger Thing" Dilemma!

My, beautiful, amazing and precious 3.5 year old is allllllll about dressing herself. I LOVE her independence but some of her wardrobe choices have been quite interesting. (this morning she insisted on wearing red Ariel socks with her pink and blue heart outfit because "mommy it doesn't have to match because I love Ariel!") To help her a little, I pair up as many matching outfits that I can and hang them at her level in the closet! She LOVES choosing her own outfit. My dilemma is that I have a limited amount of these "kids pants hanger things" that hang on a regular hanger and I need more.
It sounds like a great excuse to go shopping except for the fact that more outfits would need more "kids pants hanger things" that hang on a regular hanger. SO, does anyone know that the official name of the hangers is AND where I can buy some??? Thanks so much blogging mommy's!
Hugs Tara

WOO HOO!!!! (I know...its the little things in life!) Look what I found! The "Kids Pants Hanger Thing" is actually called a "pant hanger with a drop." I was close, right? Anyway, I have 200 of these bad boys coming to my house! I realize that 200 is WAY more than I will ever use but I am THAT dedicated to getting our closets even more organized. What to do with the extras.....add them to future baby shower gifts. I might just have to do a lil' blog give-away. -grin- Somebody remind me to do a blog search for hanger crafts. LOL

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