Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright!"

The past couple of evenings, Ive been spending my blog time reading this super fun blog! Katie is just so cool and super talented in the decorating arena. (gotta love somebody who loves her life as much as I do!) Obviously, Katie's love of tin stars rubbed off on me because today I was at Joann's Fabric store and they had this little cutie for 70% off!! -big grin-
I looked at it for awhile and something just wasn't jazzing me about that star. I decided it was the light colored flower petal looking things in the middle. I thought, "I can fix that." Took a lil' hike over to the paint department and 10 minutes after I got home she was done!

My new tin star looks perfect in my kitchen, don't ya think?

Thanks for all the STAR inspiration Cowboy Phraeseolo!!


  1. I love it! I'm so glad you weren't afraid to paint it. Thats really what makes it have your own personal touch.

    Thanks for the blog love! Come hang out anytime!

  2. Wow - I can't believe we've got the same star!!!

    Like what you've done with yours, I'm not sure I'm entirely done with mine. The next month or so will see.